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4th Consecutive Banner!

Congratulations to our Jr High Track Team for bringing home our FOURTH consecutive banner!





Gr 7 Girls:  Relay Team First (Olivia, Elise, Kayce, Mya)

Olivia:  Gold Medal 1st 100m    1st High Jump   4th Hurdles

Hailey:  Gold Medal 1st Shot Put   2nd Javelin   2nd High Jump

Kayce:  3rd 200m   3rd Long Jump   4th 800m

Kyla:     1st Triple Jump

Mya J:  2nd 800m   3rd 400m


Gr 8 Girls:  Relay Team First (Lauryn, Madi B, Cailin, Madalyn)

Madalyn: 2nd 100m   2nd 200m

Lauryn: 2nd High Jump   4th 400m

Cailin:  3rd 400m   3rd 800m

Madi B:  1st Shot Put

Ava:  2nd Shot Put

Jensen:  4th 1500m

Gr 9 Girls:  Relay Team: First  (Hayleigh, Amber, Scarlett, Emerson)

Hayleigh P: Silver Medal 1st 100m 1st 200m (NEW CENAA        RECORD) 2nd 400m

Amber H: 2nd Hurdles  2nd Javelin   3rd 100m

Avery V:  2nd 1500m   4th Long Jump

Scarlett:  3rd 400m  4th Discus

Eve:  1st Hurdles

Emma A:  2nd 800m

Rylee:  3rd Javelin

Deah:  800m 3rd  4th 1500m

Emerson: 4th 200m


Gr 7 Boys:  

Brody 2nd 800m 2nd 1500m

Nanton 3rd  High Jump

Maddox 4th 200m

Laron 4th 400m

Bentley 4th 800m

Hunter 4th Hurdles

Gr 8 Boys:  Relay Team Fourth (Axel, Logan, Reed Kyler)

Logan 1st 200m 2nd 100m 3rd 400m

Axel 3rd 200m 4th Hurdles

Aaron 1st Shot Put Koen 2nd Long Jump

Maksym 2nd High Jump Landon N 3rd 1500m

Liam O 4th Javelin Kaiden 2nd 1500m 4th 800m


Gr 9 Boys:  Relay Team: First  (Joden Ryland, Shawn, Logan K)

Joden   Gold Medal 1st 100m, 1st High Jump, 1st Long Jump

Kainen 2nd High Jump   2nd Long Jump 3rd Javelin 

Cohen 1st Hurdles  2nd Triple Jump

Shawn  2nd 200m 2nd 400m 3rd Hurdles

Ryland 3rd 100m

Russell  4th 800   4th 1500m

Reed S  2nd 800m

Lucas N 4th Triple Jump

Carver 3rd 1500m


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